Autumn Favourites

Its been a long time since I posted about makeup, I just haven’t been feeling it recently! And to say its been a few months, I actually haven’t accumulated that many new products, I’m trying to limit myself as I have more makeup than I could ever use! But here’s a few makeup and skincare products I’ve loved so far this autumn.

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition


I’d been looking forward to this palette launching for so long, and had to have it no matter the expensive price, because it literally has all of my ideal colours in it. Huda Beauty was the first youtuber I ever started watching and is why I first started loving makeup. So I was insanely excited to get this palette as I knew it would be amazing, which it is. It contains 10 matter shades, 2 shimmer shades, and 6 textured shadows which are liked pressed glitter pigments. Now a lot of people aren’t keen on this, but you just have to get used to the way they need to be used. The textured shadows need to be applied with your finger which I honestly don’t mind. The colours are stunning and the pigment pay off is insane! The matte shades are also super pigmented as well which is quite rare, you only need a little bit!

There is every colour you could possibly need to create a variety of looks, even though there are loads of bright colours and glitter, there’s still your basic matte shades to create more subtle looks too. And its talc free which is great! Yes the packaging should probably be better considering the price, but it’s slim enough to carry around with you and the actual product more than makes up for it. This palette has hands down become my favourite ever. I’d say the price makes it so mainly only hardcore make up fans will purchase it as it is really pricey. It’s currently sold out, but I believe Cult Beauty are restocking in January.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – Warm Neutrals


This eyeshadow palette is literally the perfect one for autumn, with 16 gorgeous warm shades including golds, reds, oranges and browns. There are 7 shimmer shades and 9 matte shades, which all have great pigment and are easy to blend. All the colours go together, so you literally couldn’t create a bad eye look whatever shades you use. It’s really affordable as well and one of those palettes you can use every day. I would definitely recommend!

NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer


I really struggle to find a good concealer with enough coverage to hide my under eye circles, but doesn’t cake up. So I literally try out so many! This time it’s another NYX one. I really do like the coverage of this one, it pretty much totally covers my dark circles and doesn’t feel cakey! The formula does take a bit of getting used to though, it feels really sticky and shiny when you first apply it, so I apply it before my foundation to avoid having a sticky, shiny face. After liquid foundation I then put a tiny bit of powder over top to get rid of the shine. I find it applies best with your fingers using a patting technique, then dab it in with a damp makeup sponge to really blend it in. The sticky feeling is a little weird at first, but I think under my foundation it really helps to keep my makeup on longer as it has something to stick to! It also doesn’t dry my eyes, crease or get cakey.


  • Collection Contour Stick – I’ve mentioned this one before but I literally love it so much; the colour is perfect, it has a nice creamy formula, it blends really well and its so easy to use!
  • Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara – I think I have finally find my holy grail mascara! Kathleen Lights raved about this on her channel as a great budget mascara, and it is so amazing. It makes my lashes so long and full without being clumpy or smudging during the day
  • NYX Glitter Primer – This is amazing not only to keep loose glitter in place all night, but it’s also really great as an eyeshadow primer for really glittery eyeshadows as it has the perfect sticky formula. Make sure you pat product over the top of it, don’t wipe or rub
  • NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Speed of Light – I’ve been wanting a metallic lip product for ages, so when this finally came into Boots stores I was so excited. I love the coppery/rose gold colour, and its a lip cream which means it’s not drying like a liquid lipstick, but still lasts a long time
  • NYX No Filter Finishing Powder – a great setting powder that mattifies the skin and helps makeup last longer, with a slight bit a colour for more coverage. You really don’t need a lot of this stuff, a little bit is definitely enough or you’ll get that cakey look (trust me I made that mistake)


Last month I couldn’t really afford to spend a lot on skincare but I needed a few things, so decided to go with the super cheap option and was pleasantly surprised! I bought three of the Boots Essential products (which I think was 3 for £3) and I actually really like them! I got the moisturising cream which is literally just as good as any expensive moisturiser, and I love the cucumber smell. I also got the toner which take my face makeup off really well without irritating my skin. Then I got one of the mini cucumber face scrubs which has really fine particles in to buff the skin and leave it super clean and soft. The other day when I had a bit more money, I raided the discount shelf (I love a bargain) and picked up these Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye dark spot eye patches for only £4.50! It contains all sorts of ingredients to help improve elasticity, brighten, and reduce puffiness and dark circles. You get 30 pairs in a pot, and I’ve only been using it for about 5 days but already am noticing a difference! My under eyes instantly feel tighter, smoother and less puffy straight after use, and do look a little brighter. I’ll be interested to see the effect after 30 days!


Recently The Body Shop opened a new concept store in Leeds which I love, and since I went on the opening day and they made us wait for ages to go in, I got loads of free goodies! Two of my favourites were the Moringa Body Milk which melts into the skin so much quicker and easily than a normal body moisturiser, and I love the scent. I also got a full-sized bottle of the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion. I was unsure of this at first because the name doesn’t really mean anything, but it makes my skin soft and moisturised, has a lovely smell, is packed with good ingredients and makes a great base for makeup due to its slightly tacky feel, helping makeup stick to it. I also bought two fragrance mists from The Body Shop (unfortunately not free) which are absolutely delicious! They were only £7.50 each, and if you wanted that actual perfume version they’re still cheap at only £15 (apparently the fragrance mist is cheaper as its more subtle and doesn’t last as long)! I got Polynesian Island Tiare, a light floral scent with a tropical, exotic feel, and the Indian Night Jasmine with jasmine (obviously), violet leaf and sandalwood.


One last thing I’ve loved recently, none beauty related, is the Street Cat Named Bob film/books. I had heard of them before but never got round to reading them, but the other day went to see the film (and yesterday again) and absolutely loved it. I then read the original book and A Gift from Bob which I equally loved. The story is so inspirational and uplifting, and really makes you think about how we treat homeless people. I often bought food for homeless people I saw, but this film and books have definitely inspired me to do more! Everyone should watch the film/read the books!


Trip to Rome!

It’s been well over a month since I went to Rome so maybe there’s no point doing this post but I’m gonna do it anyway! I’d never been to Italy before and always wanted to go, and wanted another tattoo by the artist who did my second one. And since she’s based in Rome, I thought why not make a trip out of it! I was originally gonna go on my own, but my mum said she’d come with me and I’m so glad she did!

We went to Rome at the end of September which was a good time to go as it was still nice and warm but not red hot. It was still pretty busy as September is still peak season, but we got a good deal! My mum found us a hotel in a really great location called Hotel Canada, which was perfect as it was a proper traditional Italian style hotel, and only a 5 minute walk from the main metro station Termini. They served a lovely breakfast and the staff were so kind and helpful. We flew out on Wednesday (the cheapest day to fly) and came back on the Sunday, which was the perfect amount of time for us to see everything we wanted to see. Before we went, we did lots of research into where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, and made an itinerary based on what was closest together. I know some people don’t like to fully plan an itinerary, but it really helps to make sure you see everything you want.


Day 1

We arrived in Rome on Wednesday afternoon, and after checking into the hotel, we pretty much went straight out to explore.  We headed out to see the Spanish steps in the Piazza Di Spagna, which I personally didn’t find as impressive as I’d hoped (they were just steps?) but the piazza itself was lovely, especially the fountain in the middle, and the view from the top of the steps was great! We wandered around the surrounding area for a bit, full of loads of fancy shops and boutiques. We then arrived at the Santa Maria Del Popolo, a famous church in Rome. The inside of it was beautiful, just what I had expected Rome to be like. However, after a few minutes and a few pictures we were told to leave as our shoulders were bare! Yes it sounds ridiculous, but make sure when you go into religious places you have your shoulders covered and wear appropriate clothing or you’ll be kicked out like we were!




After that, we explored a bit more and ended up in an area we’d actually planned for another day. So while we were there, we went into the Pantheon, a former Roman temple that’s now a church, and a pretty impressive building! The inside was full of ornate statues and shrines, with a stunning carved, circular roof with a hole in the middle (not very practical when it rains). One of the things I had been most excited to see was the Trevi fountain, and after a few minutes walking we could hear the roaring of the fountain and knew we’d stumbled upon it. The beauty and powerful presence of this stunning fountain is hard to describe, and I was totally blown away by it. It was insanely busy around there (with lots of idiots taking a million selfies), but I kind of forget about that after a while of starting at this amazing monument. This is definitely a must see when you’re in Rome, and a place we visited another couple of times on our trip.




We hadn’t really planned where to go for dinner, but decided on a place called Enoteca Barberini which turned out to be a great choice. It was quite a modern restaurant with an impressive bar and really friendly staff. I had some kind of pasta dish (obviously) which I can’t remember the name of, but I can remember it was delicious! We had cocktails afterwards, which were lovely but too strong for me (yes I’m weak). On the way back to the metro to get back to the hotel, we walked past the Fontana del Tritone in the Piazza Barberini, a striking fountain of a merman which I absolutely loved. One of my favourite parts of Rome were definitely all the beautiful fountains. Something I would highly recommend getting is the 3 day Rome pass which gives you access to trains, metro and buses which we bought from a newsagent in the Termini station.


Day 2

On the Thursday we had planned a day around Vatican city, some of which I didn’t actually enjoy. If you are gonna go to the Vatican museum, I would recommend booking tickets online before you go otherwise you’ll be waiting for hours to see something that in my opinion wasn’t that impressive. We got the head set which tells you about all the different things in the museum, but is pretty boring and I barely listened to it. Unless you’re crazy into this kind of thing, I would not get a guided tour as they sounded really dull and must have lasted hours. Instead we just wandered around on our own. The first half an hour was interesting, looking at the different statues, but after that I got really bored and agitated with the huge crowds, all moving so slowly. We finally got into the Sistine Chapel, and safe to say we were both really disappointed. I expected it to be incredible, but it was just a room with paintings where men were shouting at everyone to be quiet (ironic). Obviously its one of the things in Rome most people really want to see and will go to regardless, but honestly it was nothing special.

After the disappointing morning, the afternoon was much better. We went for lunch at a place call Pizzarium, recommended in lots of guide books and blogs, which was a traditional pizza place with no seats just tables to stand at. The pizza wasn’t your usual type of pizza, but it was absolutely delicious and the choice of toppings was huge! Next stop was St Peter’s Square and Basilica, one of the highlights of the trip for me. The square was dotted with fountains, and the columns outside the Basilica were topped with incredible statues. Often in Rome you’ll find yourself wondering how the hell did they make all these outstanding buildings and statues. They really are breath-taking. The inside of the Basilica was just as amazing, words can’t describe the intricate detailing of the statues, mosaics and paintings on the ceiling. One particular feature I could have stared at for hours was the baldacchino, a bronze canopy covering the shrine of St Peter. I can’t even imagine how they made this beautiful monument, the detail and artistry is unforgettable.



After lots of walking around, we made our way to the Piazza Navona via the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge. This Piazza was one of my favourites, filled with street performers, cafes, pretty shops and the four rivers fountains. We got the infamous ice cream ball from the Tre Scalini cafe (tip: it’s so much cheaper to take out then eat in), which we enjoyed sat on a bench overlooking the piazza and soaking up the lovely atmosphere, which was both busy and peaceful at the same time. That night for dinner, we found a quaint restaurant down a side street that had lovely lasagna and desserts with a nice chilled atmosphere. I really loved the whole outdoor dining culture here and would recommend going off the main track to find traditional Italian restaurants. Before going back to the hotel, we walked to the Trevi fountain again which seemed even more magical at night.




Day 3

Obviously while in Rome you have to go to the Colloseum, for which we bought a joint ticket in advance with the Palatine Hill/Roman Forum. Walking round the interior was really interesting (especially since I saw a cat down in the ruins) but the view was so much more impressive from the outside, particularly when we walked over to the Palatine Hill which offered amazing views of the Colloseum, as well as over the rest of Rome. In the Roman Forum were pretty gardens and worn down statues of saints, which I felt made a refreshing change from the perfect monuments and away from the crowds. For lunch we stumbled across a nice cafe called Ristorante Cleto, that turned out to be one of my favourite meals of the whole trip. I had something called ‘Seven Sins Pasta’, filled with delicious ingredients including tonnes of cheese, cream, eggs and bacon.



Now came my favourite part of the entire trip, which if you know me makes total sense. I was so excited when my mum told me there was a cat cafe in Rome, as I am self-confessed crazy cat lady. The area was a little tricky to get to but we got there eventually via bus. As soon as we stepped into the Romeow cat bistrot, I was in heaven. We were first greeted by the most chilled cat I ever seen curled up in a small crate. At first we were thinking well where’s the rest of the cats, but once we had sat down we started to notice more and more, curled up in crates and on top of book shelves. They were all such chilled, friendly and happy cats and I wanted to take all of them home. Whilst we didn’t eat in there, although the food did look amazing and I think was all vegan, we did have some refreshing juices while we cuddled with the cats. I honestly could have stayed in that place forever. If you are a cat lover you definitely have to go here!






Dinner that evening was at a place near the Piazza di Pietra which I think was called Da Brunello, where we had delicious pizzas that were absolutely huge, but had more of an English feel than the other eateries we had been too. However, the purpose of going to this area was to have cocktails in the piazza at Salotto 42. The outside of the bar was covered in plants and fairy lights, and the inside was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. And the cocktails were even better. I had the lavender passion fruit cocktail, literally the most amazing cocktail I have ever had. I still crave it sometimes. If you’re looking for a cool bar in Rome, this is the one.



Day 4

So our last full day was mainly taken up by getting my tattoo! Flo Nuttall was the tattoo artist who did my second tattoo, so I just had to go to her again for my third one. I went to the Pyscho tattoo studio where she works in the area of Pignetto. Honestly, if you’re ever going to Rome and want a tattoo, Flo is absolutely amazing, especially if you like the mandala style tattoos. Before my appointment we wandered around a little and had smoothies and cakes at a lovely little cafe called Dar Ciriola, and then another snack at Rosi Snack Bar which had amazing graffiti outside. Pignetto was quite a strange area, one I think becomes busier at night, but in the day time wasn’t a place I would visit.


After the pain of the tattoo, I didn’t feel like doing much, so we had a quiet last evening and went to a restaurant just down the street from our hotel that my mum had found on Trip Advisor, called Trattoria Dell’omo. From the outside it didn’t look like much but had great reviews, and the food didn’t disappoint! I had the best spaghetti carbonara I have ever eaten there. The restaurant itself was insane, and if it hadn’t been so amusing it would have been really annoying, it was like something out of Fawlty Towers. It seemed like there was only one waiter who was running round like a mad man, and ‘mama’ the cook who made all the food kept wandering out the kitchen, and I don’t know how she was the only cook as she looked like she could barely stand bless her. A huge group of Australians also made the night pretty entertaining. If you want your food quick with no hassle I wouldn’t go here, but I loved the food and the amusing staff and atmosphere.


So if you take out the day for my tattoo, it is definitely possible to do the main bits of Rome in just three days. I absolutely loved my first trip to Italy; I loved the raw edge of the city with its graffitied streets contrasting with the beautiful architecture, fountains and monuments. The highlights of my trip were definitely the cat cafe, Trevi fountain and St Peter’s Basilica. I can’t wait to explore more of Italy one day and hopefully go back to Rome too!


New Products and Recent Favourites

Since I haven’t posted for a while I’ve accumulated quite a few new/favourite products, sept8which mainly focus on the face; I’ve become so lazy with eye makeup recently but hopefully I’ll get back into soon, especially now it’s autumn and even though I hate the cold, I love the makeup for this time of year!


Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow (£10): I’ve talked about this brand a lot, so as soon as I saw this palette come out I had to have it! It contains one yellow/white highlighter, 3 pink colours, and 4 brsept9onzes, which make it the perfect palette for highlight, blush and bronzer! The consistency is so soft and almost suede like which means it blends beautifully into the skin, and all the colours have a gorgeous shimmer/glow to them.


Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette (£9.99): I’d heardsept6 people rave about this palette for a long time but I was put off getting it because of a previous Sleek highlighting palette I bought that I really did not like, but this one is truly amazing. It has one creamy highlight that has a pink/bronze sheen to it, then 3 powders: a gorgeous purple (sounds odd but looks phenomenal), a warmer champagne colour and a blinding yellow toned highlight. All the colours are so bright and pigmented, you’ll be glowing to the gods with just one sweep! Just don’t use the brush in it though.


No7 Airbrush Away Primer (£16.50): I got a mini sized one of this free and absolutely loved it so had to purchase a full-sized one! The formula of this primer is so soft and creamy, but with a matte finish that really helps my makeup last all day, which is a struggle with such oily skin! This is literally the best primer I have ever used, and its hypo-allergenic!sept10

NYX Dark Circle Concealer (£6.50): This tiny little pot has the ability to help colour correct my annoying dark circles with its peachy undertone. It has a lovely creamy texture so its blends nicely, and helps my main concealer go on much better.

NYX HD Concealer (£5.50): I really struggle with concealers, and even though I love the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, I wanted to try to find a cheaper alternative. And this is it! It has a similar formula to the Urban Decay one but not quite as liquid, it covers really well (especially when paired with the dark circle concealer), blends well and hardly creases! The only downside is I have heard it doesn’t last very long so I will have to see, but for the price you can’t really complain, I could buy three of them for the same price as the Naked one!

NYX Soft Light Highlight Pro Single (£3.25): I loved the look of the NYX highlight/contour powder kit but didn’t think I would use all the colours so I just bought one highlight and one contour. I kind of stopped using this highlight powder for a while and I have no idea why! It’s not a highlighter as in glowy, it’s just highlights as in brightens usept11p your face, which it does really well! I use it all over my face and it helps to keep my makeup in place for longer, and the colour is perfect for fair skin.

Collection Precision Contouring Stick in Fair (£3.99): I find it a real struggle to get my nose contour right, as doing it with a brush never seems to work out right for me, so I’m so happy Collection came out with this stick which helps me to get a precise nose contour, and also gets right into the hollows of your cheek bones for a fierce contour. The colour is also perfect; a lot of contour colours aren’t ash enough, but this one certainly is!

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray (£5): I always struggle with my makeup melting down my face halfway through the day and previous setting sprays I’ve tried never seem to actually do anything. But recently my makeup has been staying in place much longer, and I can only think it’s down to this spray! Not only does it fix my makeup in place (even at the gym) it also gets rid of that powdery look and helps the makeup really sink into your face for a natural finish.


Real Techniques Fan Brush: I’ve had this brush for a while, but over the past few months it’s literally all I have used to apply highlighter. It’s super light and fluffy and thsept1e fan shape helps to distribute product really well and evenly for a gorgeous highlight (I bought this as part of a set, so I’m not sure if you can purchase it separately, but the whole set is great).

GOSH Eyeshadow Brush Slanted (£6.99): For a while I’ve been wanting to find a really great affordable brush to do my eyebrows with, and I was pleasantly surprised by this one from GOSH. It says it’s an eyeshadow brush, but I use to for my eyebrows with the ABH Dipbrow Pomade. The brush is so thin and sharp it helps create a super precise brow.

Superdrug Blending Brush (£1.99): Now the name of this brush is deceiving as it most definitely does NOT blend. But I was looking for an eyeshadow brush that would pack product onto my lid as opposed to blending, and the flat for of this one is perfect for that! sept2

Wilko Luxury Powder Brush (£5): Now Wilko is not one of the places you would expect to find good makeup brushes, but I assure you this one is fantastic! I wanted a really large, thick fluffy brush and this one is perfect. It’s literally so soft and dense, and is great for applying powders to larger areas, and I particularly love using it to apply bronzer to my neck and chest. Don’t be put off by where it’s from, its seriously great and the brush itself is so pretty!


Eyes and lips

Makeup Revolution sept3Ultra Professional Eyeshadow in Flawless (£8): I have been in love with this brands’ eyeshadows for so long, and have had this palette for a while but recently started using it a lot again as the colours are perfect for autumn. All the colours are so pigmented, easy to blend and last all day. It comes with an array of 32 (yes, THIRTY TWO) mattes, shimmers and glitters in beautifully warm shades including golds, coppers, pinks, reds and mauves. Literally the perfect autumn eyeshadow palette. Plus it comes with a large mirror. sept7



Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Rose (£3.99): I know some people can be snobs when it comes to makeup and wouldn’t buy anything from a brand like Collection. But you would be wrong to do so. So wrong. This nude rose gold palette is absolute perfection. It contains 6 gorgeous shimmer shadows which are so pigmented! If you love those rose gold and mauve colours, you MUST get this!



NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Rome (£5.50): I have quite a few of these lip creams now, and had to buy this colour for when I went to Rome (yeah I’m really sad like that). I don’t usually go for darker colours, but this wine-red shade is so gorgeous and I think would suit any skin tone. Now the formulas are of these aren’t the best as they aren’t very long-lasting, but they wear off really well without looking a mess. And the colour choice is amazing so I don’t mind, especially for the price.

August Favourites!

Ok so how is it September already. I see so many people saying they’re looking forward to autumn/winter, but I’m definitely not one of those people, I love sun and summer clothes! The only good things about autumn are the makeup and the fact The Walking Dead is back on. Anyway, I’ll get into my August favourites/new products now!


I have wanted to try the No.7 Beautifully Matte foundation for a while now, as I get such oily skin and contains oil-absorbing powders and is oil-free, as well as being hypo-allergenic. So the fact they had a special offer on was even more reason to purchase it! I had to buy two things to get the free products, so I purchased this foundation. The woman at the counter kindly colour-matched me, but it wasn’t really that helpful in my opinion as she went from saying I was the lightest shade, to saying the one two shades up would be best. So in the end I got the one between them, Cool Vanilla. I’m still not entirely sure about the colour, but I August2absolutely love this product! It goes on wet to start with, then dries to a gorgeous matte finish, but not a dull matte which is great! The instructions recommended to apply with a brush, but I found blending it in with my fingers then buffing with a makeup sponge to be the right technique for me, as the warmth of your fingers make it easier to blend. Since it is a matte product, it does dry so you need to work fairly quickly otherwise it would become harder to blend. This is definitely one of the best foundations I have ever purchased, I usually have to apply powder throughout the day to avoid getting shiny, but with this I only have to do it once! The other product I purchased was the Skin Illuminator (Nude) which I had a sample of before so knew I loved it. Personally I put it all over my face before foundation to give a natural, radiant glow.

I then got three free products, all of which I love! Firstly the Airbrush Away primer which I think in combination with the foundation has really helped to stop my makeup melting and becoming shiny. I’ve never found any primers that actually work for me, but this one really does! The consistency is lovely as it feels hydrating but still slightly mattifying, and it creates a great base for blending foundation smoothly. I also got a small single eyeshadow colour which is from the Cappuccino Trio. Now in the past I haven’t thought much to the No.7 eyeshadows, but this one is a game changer! The colour is so unique, it’s like a lilac/silver/mauve shade, which makes me love it even August1more. It has a great pigmentation, but not too strong which I like for a more natural eye, it blends easily, doesn’t create fallout, and lasts really well. I think I will definitely try more of these eyeshadows in the future, as N0.7 seems to have really improved them. They are also hypo-allergenic which is perfect for my super sensitive eyes. Lastly I got a full-sized Moisture drench lipstick in the colour Honey Bloom, which specifically matched my foundation colour on their chart. I am obsessed with nude lipsticks so this one is perfect for me; it’s like a pinkish/brown that’s not too dark or warm, which is ideal for pale skin like mine. And the formula is so smooth and hydrating, it makes my lips looks and feel amazing! August5Other

Another product I’ve been loving in August is one I’ve had for a while and fallen back in love with; the Sleek Makeup lipstick in Liqueur. I absolutely love this colour, again it’s another nude, but this one is more of a pink colour and has a slight sheen/shimmer to it which looks stunning (swatches above, No.7 top, Sleek Makeup below). The formula is also really smooth and hydrating. I’ve also recently got back into curling my eye lashes; recently my lashes seem to be pointing in all sorts of crazy directions, so curling them for just 10 seconds in really helps to keep them in place! For V-Festival I purchased a mini-sized Wilko sun lotion in SPF50 just in case it was sunny, which is actually was for a little while! So I used this and I couldn’t believe for an own brand product how good it wasAugust3. I usually burn really easily, but with this I didn’t at all, I even tanned a little bit! As well as the sun protection, the product felt really nice on my skin, not sticky or greasy like a lot of others, and smelt lovely! I’ve now bought two big bottles (one SPF30 one 50) for my holiday next week so they’ll really be put to the test then! Lastly, I purchased some scented candle tealights from Primark for just £1 in the sale. I was drawn to the Sea Salt & Lavender ones as they smell so gorgeous; they remind me of holiday with the mix of sweet and salty smells.


I swear H&M is the only place I buy clothes; they’re just so affordable and very “my style”! I bought a lovely teal coAugust6loured, slightly cropped top with white stripes on the sleeves. I love the colour, how comfy it is and how versatile it can be! Dusty rose is another one of my favourite colours so I had to buy this little high neck crop top with the little frilled bottom – it reminds me of tops I had as a kid – it’s not as versatile as the other top as it’s more cropped so I only wear it with high-waisted bottoms, but it’s one of my favourite colours, and the tight fit means I can get away with no bra, yay! Lastly, I am all about comfy trousers nowadays, so these floaty, wide-legged patterned pants were a must buy! I was unsure whether I’d like how wide leg they are but I love it; I feel like a hippy! And the crazy print in black and white is another reason why I bought them, and the material feels really nice to say they were so cheap!

If you’ve tried any of the things I’ve mentioned or have any recommendations, please comment and let me know! The rest of September I’m hoping to do a blog on how I do my winged liner, a little review of my holiday which I go on next Wednesday, and hopefully an updated skincare and haircare piece! I’m gonna hold off doing any autumn-themed makeup posts as I still have two holidays left in September so it still feels like summer to me, but I’ve got one autumn look I’m really looking forward to writing about! So stay tuned! x

How I do my brows!

Who knew that brows would become such an important part of our lives? Now I am in no way saying I am a brow expert, and my eyebrows are not perfect, but I think over the years I have finally learnt how to create a nice natural brow that suits my face. Too thick and fake looking brows are a pet hate of mine, I wish girls would just do it more naturally; it’s so much more flattering! So here’s a little guide on how I personally do my brows.

Step 1: Everyone does there brows at a different point in their makeup routine; I personally do mine after foundation, but make sure I don’t get any foundation clogged up in them, it’s not a good look! So first thing I do is comb them into place using a spoolie which comes on the end of most eyebrow pencils; this makes sure they are nice and neat so you can see what you have to work with.

Step 2: I tend not to use this step much anymore as I’m used to doing my brows and they have grown a lot over recent months. But if you’re not so confident about doing your brows or they’re quite sparse, lightly draw an outline along the top and bottom (or whichever you need) using an eyebrow pencil (I currently use the NYX micro brow pencil) to create the shape you want. Stick to your natural eyebrow shape as much as possible as this is what best suits your face, don’t try to make them really thick (unless they naturally are) as it just looks so fake! Also avoid just drawing a block line; do little strokes to create a line so it doesn’t look too harsh. Tip: instead of trying to match your brow products to your hair colour, match them to your natural brow colour as this will blend in more easily with your existing brows and look more natural.

Step 3: Once you have created the outline, it’s time to fill them in. My personal favourite for doing this is the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade. It’s such a great formula; you only need a little bit and it really does last all day! Take a TINY little bit on a small angled brush (a thin, firm one is best to get a more precise shape) and start filling in the end of your brows first, in and just on the line you created. Again do this in little strokes and not just a block, and keep combing with the spoolie to blend it in. You want to start with the end of your brow first as this is where you want most product to be, then start working it towards the front, getting lighter and lighter.

Step 4: For the front of your brow (if you need to make it fuller), its best to fill this in using the pencil to make it more natural. Do a few tiny little light strokes upwards in the front of your brow to create that little front bit, but DON’T go too heavy, you want this to be light and not in a harsh square shape. What I normally do then is just get my index finger and get rid of an excess product from the bottom line of the brow to create a natural finish. Then again comb with the spoolie when done.

Step 5: If you’re brows are on the sparser side like mine used to be, it can be good sometimes to go in with just a little brow powder to plump them up that little bit more on the outer part. If you already have quite full brows you can skip this step!

Step 6: Then finally, finish it all off with a few brushes of brow mascara (I use the NYX one). I do this step to keep the brows in place, emphasise my real brow hairs to make it look more natural, and also to lighten up my overall brow colour as I have such blonde hair. Also, if you feel like your brows look a little messy or you’ve gone too thick, you can carve them out top and bottom (or whichever you need) using a tiny bit of concealer on a small brush just to neaten them. Don’t worry about them looking totally perfect though, brows aren’t meant to!IMG_2015

And here’s a few more tips to think about:

  • As I’ve said, match your brow products to your natural BROW colour not hair colour
  • Don’t use too much product, you want them to look natural not drawn on
  • Be very light and use little strokes instead of just painting them on, and be careful of applying to much pressure
  • Don’t worry about them not being totally perfect or both identical to each other, brows aren’t meant to be like that
  • Create a shape as close to your own natural brow as possible as this will better suit you and frame your face nicely; it might be tempting to make them thicker but don’t! They look silly trust me, I’ve done it in the past!
  • Forget what you see on social media; these girls who do these insane brows aren’t what you should strive towards, coz in the real world away from social media, they would look completely ridiculous! And this “fade” thing you see them do at the front of their brow? That’s a drag technique; if you wanna look like a drag queen that’s totally cool, but if not just make it more natural (step 4)!
  • Don’t worry if you mess up or take it too seriously; they’re just brows, you can wipe them off!
  • Help your brows to grow with something like the Eylure brow nourishing oil (my eyebrows have grown so much over the past few months using this) and don’t over pluck!

Bright Blue Summer Makeup!

Summer isn’t quite over yet, there’s still time to experiment with some fun, bright makeup looks! This blue eye look came up on my time hop from a year ago today, so I thought I’d do a little throwback on how I created it.

In terms of base, from what I can gather from my post on Instagram, I used a mixture of Urban Decay naked foundation and the Max Factor skin luminzer foundation, which I no longer use as Max Factor are not cruelty free. My brows however, are created using the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade which I still use now! But a year on, I have improved the shape and do them a little lighter!

Now the fun part. For this blue sea eye look, I used the Makeup ReBluelook2volution Welcome to the Pleasuredome eyeshadow palette. I started off with the lightest cream shimmer shade (first top left) to prepare my lid right up to the brow bone to help blending. I then blended in the brightest blue colour (bottom third from right) all across my lid and up to just above the crease. Don’t blend it up too far or it could start to look a little drag queen! In my crease I used the darker blue colour above. I start with my outer crease and gradually blend it across my crease about two thirds of the way in. I use this technique as I want the most product to be on the outer corner, and if it to get softer the further in I go.

Then just concentrating on the outer corner, I blended in the teal colour to the right, but only on the very outer crease and lid to create more depth, and to elongate my eyes. I also applied a small amoutBluelook3 of the teal colour to my lower lash line, just concentrating again on the outer part, and not dragging it all the way in. I use a smaller, flat brush for this to make it more precise, but you still want it to be blended, not just a thick, harsh line! If you feel like you’ve gone a little over board on the eyes, just take the light cream colour to help blend the edges. Then to make the look less 80’s, I did my winged liner and put on loads of mascara!

As always, I contoured my cheekbones and jawline very lightly with Anastasia Beverley Hills contour cream kit, and for highlighter I used The Balm Mary-Loumanizer along my the tops of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and brow bone. For lipstick I wanted to keep it nude to balance the bright eye look, so used Sleek Makeup’s lipstick in Liquer, a creamy, satin finish “my lips but better” colour. Then spritz with setting spray!


I don’t do a lot of bright eye looks any more, but this throwback has inspired me to try something a little more colourful again! This blue, sea-effect look is perfect for summer and if you’re going on holiday. Let me know your favourite colourful eye looks!

Gold Crease Liner Look

I have seen a few people in Instagram doing an eye look where they have gold liner along their crease. It’s such a simple yet effective look so thought I’d give it a go!

I stuck to a simple, glowy skin look to the glittery eyes were the focual point. First I applied my Skin Illuminator by No.7 to moisturised skin, then corrected any red bits with my L.A Girl Green Corrector concealer, mixing it with a bit of normal concealer to make it blend more easily. Then I went in with my EX1 Invisiwear foundation in F100 with a few generous drops of Lightening drops from The Body Shop. Next I filled in my brows (look out for my how to brow tutorial Glitterlook3soon!) then started on the eyes.

I wanted to keep the eyeshadow neutral to the eyeliner could really pop, so I used the Too Faced Natural Matte palette. I always blend my conclear onto my eyelids as well to give a smooth base, then set the lid to brow bone with Heaven from the Too Faced palette. I applied Lace Teddy all over this to give a subtle wash of colour, then blended Strapless into my crease area and buffed it upwards. I then deepened my outer crease area with a bit of Risque. For eyeshadow, I apply with a denser, flatter brush to pack colour on (I use a shadow brush from a Real Techniques set), then use a larger, fluffier brush (I use the NYX 17 brush) to blend and buff the colours to create a nice gradient with no harsh lines. I left the lower lash line bare as I wanted a simpler, more subtle look. Next I did my winged liner, which I’m gonna do a tutorial on soon!

Now for the glitter! I used my NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in 24 Karat. I appGlitterlook2lied a single line in my crease from about a third of the way into my eye, right to the edge and flicked it up and out, above my black winged liner. I thickened the line to add more pigmentation. Make sure to keep your eye closed until the glitter liner has properly dried or it’ll smudge! Once you open your eyes, you won’t actually be able to see a lot of the liner, but that’s the beauty of the look; you get a flash of gold glitter when you blink or look down! Lastly, finish off with a few coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Then I finished off the look with a soft contour along my cheekbones and jawline using the Anastasia Beverley Hills contour cream kit, and added the gold blush colour from the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar palette to add a little warmth to my face and the highlight colour from the same palette. Then applied a nude lipstick (Makeup Rev “You’re a star”) as I didn’t want anything to bold to detract from the eye look. I wore this look into the day time so I wanted to keep it subtle, but if I was wearing it at night I might add a bit of a bolder lip. And to finish off, spray a generous amount of setting spray over your face to keep it in place!


This is a great look if you just want to try out the glitter trend, as its more subtle that doing a full on glittery eye, and it’s really easy to do! Let me know if you try this out or if you have you’re own glitter looks you’d recommend!